Pompa aer set

Pompa aer set

An indispensable condition for the survival of fish in a pond in winter is to maintain adequate...
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553,35 lei
553,35 lei
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Pompa aer set

Pompa aer set

553,35 lei

Pompa aer set

553,35 lei

An indispensable condition for the survival of fish in a pond in winter is to maintain adequate oxygenation of the water reservoir and gas exchange . For the fish to survive, it is important that the water surface is not completely frozen in winter and properly aerated.

Additional aeration , also in the summer season,  is especially recommended for heavily stocked fish tanks . In the absence of oxygenation, vegetation dies, silt accumulates at the bottom of the reservoir, ammonification processes, denitrification and hydrogen sulphide generation take place. Algae begin to appear on the surface of the reservoir (including cyanobacteria dangerous to humans and animals).

A high level of algal fertilization results in reduced availability of light, which worsens the parameters of water, which becomes less suitable for breeding healthy fish.

Adequate aeration ensures their healthy growth and development.

Aero pond is an aeration set for ponds, fish farms, stands for selling fish, and garden nets.  

The set is ideally suited for small water tanks.  In addition, the set includes a long hose and a diffuser, used to crush air bubbles in a water tank. The diffuser is made of porous, soft rubber, which makes it safe for fish and generates a very large number of small air bubbles. It does not require any additional load, it sinks automatically when it is put in the water.


The set includes:


Oxygen diffuser with a diameter of 35 cm.

Pump ACO-208,  with a capacity of 30 l / min, and power 25W. A

tube with a length of 3 m - for connection with a diffuser

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